Only specific to the Mother’s Day, all white appliances are given to you as a gift by Evdekifı

Evdekifı, which puts residential units and apartments that are included in branded housing projects with the most convenient and affordable payment plans and without any up-front payment, also launched a mother’s day campaign in which it gives all white appliances as a gift to those who buy and own a residential unit or apartment from the projects included in its portfolio. Evdekifı hands over his/her home right away to everyone with the most advantageous payment terms and without an up-front payment.

Evdekifı, which has scored an impressive number of firsts in the real estate industry, also offers a“ Real Opportunity and Real Happiness” with its Mother’s Day campaign to those who want to buy a house from branded housing projects. Evdekifı gives all white goods including kitchen hood, kitchen oven, countertop stove, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher as a gift to those who buy and own a house from the branded housing projects as Maslak Mashattan, Gaziosmanpaşa TEM Vitrin, Sultanbeyli İdilia, Bahçeşehir Houses, Bahçeşehir Quartz, Bahçeşehir Towers, Bahçeşehir Terrace Houses and Bahçeşehir Valley (Vadi) which are put up for sale by

The Mother’s Day campaign, in which white appliances are given as a gift and launched by Evdekifı providing those who want to buy and own a house with the opportunity to have a home ready to move in with very affordable payment terms and with zero up-front payment, will last until 15th of May.